Chartelligence Moved To Heroku

With the growth of Chartelligence¬†entering an increased pace (more than 600 users last month!), we’ve decided to migrate our infrastructure to something that can accommodate our future growth more easily.

So far we’ve hosted Chartelligence on a single server instance in Amazon EC2, and although it served us well, we wanted to be able to focus more on the Chartelligence code itself, and less on the underlying server environment. This is exactly where Heroku comes in.

What does this mean for Chartelligence users? Not much really, because so far our server performance was outstanding. But you can keep expecting it to remain this way, even when we continue to grow.

A New Post-Installation Screen

We’ve had some feedback from users, that some of them who got to the Chrome Extension without first realizing what Chartelligence is, were a little baffled at first.

They’re right, there was no post-installation screen that explains the next steps, because we assumed that if you install the extension you have already understood how Chartelligence works. But we were wrong, and some blogs who covered Chartelligence are linking straight to the extension.

So here’s the new post-installation screen, we hope it delivers the message.

Sit Back And Let The Events Match

One of most important aspects of the vision we set out to accomplish with Chartelligence, is to let people find out why their charts behave the way they do, and to help them do it effortlessly.

Today we’ve made a major step in that direction by releasing the ability to automagically find events that correlate with important chart points. Or as we like to call it internally — the “Amaze Me” button.

So right now when you are sitting in front of your Google Analytics charts, and wondering why your numbers started to trend in that weird direction on that day, and then back in the opposite direction on the other day, you don’t have to manually try and correlate the events. Just click the “Amaze Me” button, and let the Chartelligence brains do the rest.

It’s about time

Indeed, the day has arrived, in which we need a blog. So tumblr it is :)